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2016 Tacori Engagement Ring Styles She Would Die For

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Photo Credit: Tacori / Style # HT2624CU95 from the RoyalT Collection

If there's any brand that is the epitome of elegance and timelessness in the jewelry world, it's Tacori. After skimming through each collection, it's no surprise that Tacori is one of the hottest brands for diamond engagement rings around.

From the signature Simply Tacori collection to the exquisite RoyalT collection, Tacori definitely has the perfect diamond engagement ring for every #TacoriGirl. Here are a few of our favorite Tacori ring styles that we're sure you'll be head over heels about. Trust us, if we could choose them all, we definitely would. Read on to see why.

Round, Brilliant-Cut Rings

Want a ring fit for royalty? Then this round, brilliant-cut diamond ring with a cushion-style diamond bloom around the center stone will make you feel like a queen. This ring's profile resembles a diamond-encrusted crown, with delicate details and diamonds lacing the ring's band. No matter how you look at it, this ring stands in a league of its own.

Round RoyalT Tacori Engagement Ring

Photo Credit: TacoriStyle HT2607RD10 from the RoyalT Collection

If your style is simple and elegant, then this is the perfect ring for you. The round, brilliant-cut diamond on this engagement ring definitely steals the show, but not without the help of a crown of crescent diamonds surrounding the center stone. Though delicate and dainty, this diamond engagement ring radiates sophistication, elegance in the most tantalizing way.

Round Petit Crescent Tacori Engagement Ring

Photo Credit: TacoriStyle #HT254715RD65 from the Petite Crescent Collection

Pear-Shaped Rings

You cannot go wrong with this absolutely stunning pear-shaped diamond enhanced by a delicate diamond bloom detail surrounding the center stone. Oh, and don't get us started on the pave diamond band that adds even more bling to this already extraordinary engagement ring.

Pear Shaped Dantela Tacori Engagement Ring

Photo Credit: TacoriStyle 2620PS10X7P from the Dantela Collection

Dreams do come true with this pear-shaped diamond engagement ring that will definitely take your breath away -- oh, but there's more. Look a little bit closer and you'll see the two pear-shaped diamonds sitting on both sides of the center stone, because three pear-shaped diamonds are better than one, right? Just look at the detail and diamonds on the profile of this stunner.

Pear Shaped RoyalT Tacori Engagement Ring

Photo Credit: TacoriStyle HT2628PS14X9 from the RoyalT Collection

Marquise-Shaped Rings

Marquise diamond engagement rings are few and far between, so you'll definitely stand out in the crowd with this 6-prong brilliant marquise-cut diamond engagement ring with a pave-encrusted diamond band.

Marquise Shaped Petit Crescent Tacori Engagement Ring

Photo Credit: TacoriStyle HT2546MQ10x5 from the Petite Crescent Collection

If clean and elegant is what you're looking for in a diamond engagement ring, then this marquise center stone ring with starlit crown is a perfect match. The clean lines and exquisite brilliance give this ring its one-of-a-kind charm and out-of-this-world shock appeal.

Emerald-Cut Rings

This ring may not be green like an emerald, but people will still be green with envy when they lay eyes on this beauty. This emerald-cut diamond solitaire ring may seem simple upon first glance, but you'll be pleasantly surprised when you discover the subtle diamond details hidden on the inner face of the band.

Emerald Cut RoyalT Tacori Engagement Ring

Photo Credit: TacoriStyle HT2625EC105X85 from the RoyalT Collection

"Oh my gosh, Becky. Look at her ring!" Go big or go home with this unbelievable emerald-cut diamond engagement ring that demands center stage. This ring has diamonds on diamonds on diamonds and is simply breathtaking. The emerald center diamond is surrounded by two rows of crescent-shaped diamonds and accompanied by trapezoid-shaped diamonds on both sides. Your friends will definitely have ring envy and probably lose count of how many diamonds are packed into this bold and beautiful diamond engagement ring.

Emerald Cut Blooming Beauties Tacori Engagement Ring

Photo Credit: TacoriStyle HT2527EC85X65 from the Blooming Beauties Collection

Pretty in Pink Rings

Add a touch or romance and uniqueness to your diamond engagement ring with rose gold. This oval-shaped diamond engagement ring with a pave diamond crown in rose gold is a timeless beauty that has just the right amount of romance and elegance to make any woman feel like a princess.

Pretty in Pink Tacori Engagement Ring

Photo Credit: TacoriStyle HT2550OV9X7PK from the Pretty in Pink Collection

Feel pretty in pink with this simple, yet stunning rose gold round, brilliant-cut diamond engagement ring. The half-almond crescent sections that are filled with round diamond accents on the top of the band give this rose gold ring even more of a unique flare than it already has. The simplicity of this ring is what makes it such a classic beauty that will endure generations through.

Pretty in Pink Tacori Engagement Ring2

Photo Credit: TacoriStyle 46-2RD6PK from the Pretty in Pink Collection

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