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How to Choose a Wedding Band You’ll Love Forever

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AIMEE & TROY'S WEDDING RINGThe wedding band is the ultimate symbol of love and represents your love and devotion for your partner. Your wedding band is something you'll wear and treasure forever so it’s important to pick a band you will always like. There are many wedding band options to pick from in the LA jewelry district. With so many choices it can seem overwhelming to shop for your special rings. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect wedding bands.

Choose a Style you Love

It’s best to look at wedding ring styles that you really enjoy. Envision yourself wearing the band now and in the future. Some of the best designs include:
• Designer
• Pave
• Prong
• Micro-prong
• Channel
• Scattered
• Curved

Wedding Bands Don’t Need to Match

When shopping for wedding bands in the LA jewelry district keep in mind that matching bands are not necessary. In fact, the trend these days is for non-matching bands. This means your wedding band doesn't need to match your engagement ring nor does it need to match the groom’s band. The main thing to keep in mind is to choose the same metal color. Most bands are silver toned and come in platinum or white gold, the two most popular metal choices.

Pick a Durable Ring

Platinum is the current popular option for wedding rings in the LA jewelry district. Platinum is a durable metal that is strong and will last forever. It offers a superb way to hold small diamonds in place around the band. Titanium is another durable metal that is often used in men’s wedding bands. White gold is another common metal used in wedding bands. It is less durable than platinum but is still very tough and resilient.

Attend a Wedding Band Event

One of the best ways to find a wedding ring style that you adore is to attend a wedding band event in the LA jewelry district. You'll be able to view all the various styles available and try on some rings to see which you prefer. Icing On The Ring is offering a special Spring Wedding Band Event from March 12 through March 16, 2014. You’ll be able to view the latest selection of top wedding band options available. Call Icing On The Ring at 888-565-6150 to schedule an appointment at this special event.Schedule an Appointment at Icing on the Ring

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