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IOTR Engagement Story Chris & Krissy

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Sometimes an ordinary day turns into something extraordinarily romantic when a proposal is involved.

The Engagement Ring

Chris and Krissy chose Krissy’s engagement ring together- a gold, Simply Tacori setting with an heirloom diamond. Though Krissy may have had a hand in choosing her ring design, the proposal was all Chris.

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The Proposal

Being a beach-town couple, one of their favorite pass times is a weekend stroll on Venice Beach. According to Krissy, the day of the proposal started out like any other normal day. They went to the beach to relax, played a bit of scrabble and Chris suggested they go look for seashells- something they always like to do when they visit the beach.

Just in case the full shells were scarce that particular day, Chris brought a shell with him from their collection at home. While Krissy was deep in shell hunting mode, Chris prepared for the big moment. Pretending like he’d just found a really amazing shell, he called Krissy over to take a look. When she picked up the shell to admire it, she saw hiding underneath, her gorgeous engagement ring.


The Answer

The proposal was a total surprise and naturally Krissy said YES!

 IMG_1472 2.jpg

The Wedding Bands

Though her ring is Tacori, Chrissy decided to go a different direction with her band, as the sparkle of another band caught her eye. Chris went with a brushed white gold band with polished edges. Both will look great on the bride and groom when they tie the knot in May.

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