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Many Young Brides Turning to These Trendy Diamond Alternatives

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As tradition would have it, diamonds have always been the gem of choice for engagement rings. They are timeless, sparkly and a point of pride for those who purchase them and those who wear them.

Though diamonds will never lose their popularity, many young modern brides are looking to diamond alternatives for their engagement rings. Whether it’s for ethical, stylistic or economic reasons, straying from the classic diamond has brought more interesting engagement ring designs into the spotlight.


With a similar hardness and clarity to diamonds, moissanites are the diamond alternatives that come without the substantial price tag. Though moissanite occurs naturally, it is very rare, so most moissanites used for engagement rings are created in a lab, which makes them eco-friendly.

Though they are colorless, in certain lights moissanites can project a yellow hue, but still have a brilliance that, when cut correctly, can be mistaken for diamonds.

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According to popular lore, morganite is the gemstone of Divine Love. Likely due to it’s soft pink or peachy color, this semi-precious gem is said to bring compassion, healing and, promise. Though it is not as hard as moissanite, it still has an excellent degree of brilliance and durability.

Morganites of the pink variety, with a brilliant cut look amazing with 14K rose gold and have become a much sought after design for engagement rings. Many of the engagement rings with morganite and rose gold are enhanced with smaller diamonds (or other colorless diamond alternatives) as a halo around the center stone.

The best part about morganites is that larger sizes usually do not have a huge impact the price, so a large-stone engagement ring is completely within reach for those interested in more affordable options.


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Man-made Diamonds

Most consumers these days want to be aware of a diamond’s origins before purchasing it. Although there are several diamond mining countries that offer socially responsible diamonds, a guaranteed way to avoid potentially financing the diamond conflict is to buy lab created diamonds.

Lab created diamonds are developed in a highly controlled environment that is meant to simulate the diamond mineral’s natural growing conditions, producing real diamonds that have all the same physical qualities and characteristics as earth-sourced diamonds. They are different from diamond lookalikes, such as moissanite because they consist of true carbon crystals with the exact chemical properties as diamonds.

Man-made diamonds are as beautiful and rare as earth-mined diamonds, but are guaranteed eco-friendly and conflict-free. They also have a great value and can be found more affordable than natural diamonds.

Icing On The Ring has its own brand of man-made diamonds called “Evertrue,” which is a great option for those who aren’t interested in an altogether alternative gem.


Other Precious Gems

Some brides want something completely different in terms of color and style, which is why colorful gemstones have proven more and more popular.

Sapphires, for instance, have a royal look about them that when surrounded by smaller diamonds gives a nod to the ring worn by Princess Diana and Kate Middleton. What many people don't realize is that sapphires also can be found in a variety of colors like pink and orange.

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There’s also the luxurious emerald or ruby, which are just as rare and full of shimmer as sapphires. The great thing about these gemstones is that they are hard and durable like diamonds, so there is less risk of damage when doing day to day tasks, and also come in lab-created forms, which makes them extremely attractive in price. 

Choosing a colored gemstone can give your ring an antique vibe that many vintage-lovers prefer, or can be set for a more contemporary look for those who want a modern touch. Color coordinating gems and metals are the best way to achieve the look you want. What's important to remember is there are no rules to choosing the right colored gem, - it is a matter of personal taste and style. 

One of our certified gemologists would be happy to tell you more about gemstone options and help you find a diamond alternative for the ring of your dreams. Contact one of our experts today!

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