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Millennial Engagement Trends

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Milliennials have always been known as a generation willing to stray from tradition and the way they do engagements is no exception. Millennial couples taking the next step have ignited a new approach to engagement that, for lack of better words, is engaging and creative. They’ve started their own modern traditions that we as jewelers have enjoyed getting to be part of. 

Pre-planned Engagement

The pre-planned engagement isn’t exactly what it sounds like, at least not every time. It’s very common that couples have mutually decided to move into the engagement stage of their relationship, and rather than one person taking on the responsibility of finding the perfect engagement ring without raising any suspicions from the bride, they choose her ring together. Other times, the groom is clued into the rings his future bride has had her eye on and the jeweler helps him bring her dream ring to life, whether it be a beautiful Tacori or a custom design. More often than not than not, the ring shopping stage is followed by a surprise proposal, which is where modern millennials still like to keep tradition alive.

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Sustainable Sources

Consumers today, especially millennials, want to know where their diamonds come from. In the buying process they are more likely to ask questions about the origins of their jewelry and whether it was sourced ethically. Although, diamonds are by no means going out of style anytime soon, diamond alternatives such as moissanite and lab created diamonds, like our own Evertrue brand, are of growing interest to our millennial customers, who seek to go beyond conflict-free.


Ring Selfies

One of our very favorite of the new engagement traditions is the ring-selfie. What is the point of having a beautiful rock on your hand that you can share with your friends far and wide? The ring-selfie has also become a way to announce an engagement (and there are many). Jewelers love ring selfies because it allows us to see the ring in its brand new home, on the hand of someone who will cherish it forever.

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Engagement Photos

It’s pretty typical that if you book a photographer for your wedding, they will offer an engagement package to take place well before your nuptuals. If your photographer offers such a package, definitely take them up on it. Engagement photos will not only give you plenty of imagery for your Save The Dates and wedding website, they will allow you to see how your wedding photographer captures you as a couple. It will also give you an opportunity to discuss ideas for the big day and ask questions face-to-face.

Getting engaged soon? Let one of our experts be your guide to through the ring buying process. Make an appointment today.

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