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The Story of the Best Artisan Jewelry Designer in Los Angeles

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Shopping for jewelry can be difficult. As a shopper who cares about craftsmanship, unique designs and, of course, high quality, it’s important to find a jewelry designer who prioritizes the same things you do. Finding this jeweler often requires sifting through cookie cutter jewelry sellers whose pieces all look alike and are barely touched by human hands. Tacori, on the other hand, is an artisan jewelry designer in Los Angeles that values handcrafted designs and provides its customers with beautiful pieces as unique as they are.


Designed With Careful Attention

Tacori’s designs are made with a very specific customer in mind. This focus has provided the impetus for Tacori’s journey to the pinnacle of the competitive Los Angeles jewelry designer market. Tacori customers place great value on high-quality artisanal jewelry that can’t be found just anywhere. They love unique pieces and never want to be seen with the same item everyone else has. They also value products with a local tie that have obvious quality craftsmanship. Tacori hits just the right note in all these areas.

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It starts with quality. Every step of the way, Tacori stresses the importance of quality design. The head designer carefully sketches each and every piece of Tacori jewelry, taking aesthetics, structure and, importantly, the Tacori client into account. After careful consideration, the sketch is converted into a 3D model. The model is carefully refined from every angle in order to ensure the structural stability of the product before the actual production starts.

Handcrafted by Master ArtisansIOTR_TacoriTakeoverBlog4.jpeg

There are many different ways to make jewelry, from fully handmade jewelry to handcrafted jewelry made with the help of machines to jewelry that is fully assembled on a factory floor with almost no human contact. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of each. Fully handmade jewelry is, of course, as personal as you can get, but because no part of the design or manufacturing is automated, the price tends to be quite a bit higher and the pieces are often less perfect. On the other end of the spectrum, mass produced jewelry from factories is made with much less care by employees who are just pushing buttons on machines. Of course, this option is cheapest and tends to have very few imperfections.

Tacori believes it has struck the perfect balance for value shoppers, who don’t want to sacrifice quality. Once the design is perfected, a 3D mold is created and used during an intricate casting process. A goldsmith perfects the metal and the beautiful details, then polishers add shine and luster. The expert diamond and gemstone team selects appropriate stones by hand and the gemstone setters place the stones before a final buffing. The artisans at Tacori are highly experienced and trained, and each specializes in exactly the part of production for which they are responsible.

This kind of attention to detail and process are a big part of what make Tacori the best.

Built to Withstand the Test of TimeIOTR_TacoriTakeoverBlog3.jpeg

The sort of smart jewelry shoppers that love Tacori, also know that jewelry purchases are long-term investments, especially engagement rings. As such, Tacori understands that servicing is a normal part of the life of a jewelry piece. Many pieces include free sizing, touchups and refurbishing, all done right in their California studio. This type of service is yet another reason why Tacori has earned its status as the best.

If you’re interested in checking out what the Tacori brand has to offer, we invite you to attend the Icing On The Ring Tacori Takeover trunk show event taking place on Oct. 15-16. There will be an expanded selection of Tacori items available, along with 0 percent financing options for up to 12 months, and up to a $1,000 gift card available for use on a future Tacori purchase.

Find a unique Tacori piece that suits your tastes by calling 888-565-6150 and schedule an in-store appointment.

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