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Why You Should Start Your Los Angeles Jewelry District Trip at Icing On The Ring

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The Los Angeles Jewelry District is a great place to go for guys in search of an engagement ring.  Within a few block area of Downtown Los Angeles, there are a wide range of jewelry stores, each offering a broad selection of fine jewelry.

The only downside to having such an abundance of options is that it can quickly become overwhelming. The process of purchasing an engagement ring, or another piece of fine jewelry, is already quite stressful. The last thing most guys want is to add to that stress by having to figure out which jewelry district store they should enter first. In reality, though, that decision is actually quite easy. Icing On The Ring is the optimal choice.

While every jewelry store located in the LA jewelry district has its own positive attributes, Icing On The Ring is uniquely positioned as the best place to start any shopping trip to the LA jewelry district for a variety of reasons.

Very Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

Customer service is always important, but that’s especially true for guys that are starting their quest for an engagement ring. Online research is a no-brainer, but it can only go so far. Getting in-depth information directly from an expert provides the depth of understanding that you just can’t get by reading articles on the web.

The hard part is finding such an expert that is trustworthy and willing to help with no added pressure of feeling like you have to buy something in exchange for the information. That’s where Icing On The Ring really stands out. Everyone that works at the store possesses a wealth of knowledge about engagement rings (and fine jewelry) and authentically enjoys sharing their expertise with shoppers.

Helping shoppers find the right engagement ring is really what matters most to store employees. Of course, they’ll be thrilled if the shopper chooses to buy from Icing On The Ring, but there is no expectation of a sale. Other LA jewelry district stores (and many jewelry stores in general, for that matter) employ pressure sales tactics, but that’s not Icing On The Ring’s style.

They want to give shoppers the information they need to purchase the right jewelry. If it happens to be available at Icing On The Ring at a price that works for the customer, then great, but if not, that doesn’t change their desire to give the customer all the necessary information to help them make the best possible purchase.

Outstanding Customer Service

One of the main fears that guys looking for an engagement ring often harbor is that they’ll get ripped off. Part of that fear comes from a lack of knowledge about jewelry, which can be addressed by talking to trustworthy experts. Another major part of that fear comes from a concern that they will be charged hidden fees or nickel-and-dimed to death after they’ve settled on a ring.

Unfortunately, this concern is justified based on the approach many jewelry stores take toward their customers. It’s quite common for jewelry stores to add on unexpected fees to the final bill without notifying the customer. Another frequent practice is that stores will let customers think they are getting complimentary services included such as ring cleaning or tightening, when they actually charge for it later. Finally, there is the matter of the lifetime warranty. All too often, stores add in fine print that makes the “warranty” they tout essentially meaningless.

None of this occurs at Icing On The Ring. The store takes great pride in offering high quality customer service and treating shoppers with the utmost respect and honesty. There are no unexpected hidden fees ever added to the final bill; services such as ring cleaning, tightening, refurbishing, polishing, and inspection are always complimentary with any ring purchase; and the lifetime warranty is legitimate. This kind of customer service is particularly important to value-minded guys on the market for an engagement ring and sets the proper tone for a guy beginning his LA jewelry district shopping trip.

There’s a reason so many customers continue to come back to Icing On The Ring whenever they are in the market for a new piece of fine jewelry and go to sites like Yelp and Wedding Wire and leave exceptional reviews.

Broad Selection of Quality Inventory

Let’s be honest, engagement rings and fine jewelry are not the types of items you want to buy mass-produced. A significant part of their appeal, beyond just the aesthetic, is that they are one-of-a-kind pieces of art designed to make that special girl feel special.

The local JC Penney or Walmart isn’t likely to offer the type of jewelry most guys have in mind when preparing to propose or surprise their love with a memorable gift. The goal is to present a unique ring or piece of jewelry that will wow them and serve as a lifelong, cherished possession; not to get a great deal on a closeout item that says “Made in China” in small print somewhere.

Of course, guys who have decided to shop at the Los Angeles jewelry district already know that, but what they might not know is that there are even stores within the jewelry district that struggle to offer the sort of remarkable fine jewelry they are seeking. This is another reason why it makes sense for guys to start their jewelry district shopping trip at Icing On The Ring.

Icing On The Ring has the largest selection of engagement rings in the entire jewelry district and prides itself on having a collection of jewelry that stands out from the repetitive designs found at other shops throughout the jewelry district. You want to give yourself the best odds of finding that perfect piece of jewelry on the first try, so that desperation doesn’t set in and cause you to make a poor decision … and Icing On The Ring is the best best in town to do just that.

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