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Shopping Downtown Los Angeles Jewelry Stores for Men’s Jewelry

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It is not just women who can benefit from shopping in Downtown Los Angeles jewelry stores. Beyond wedding bands, the trend of men wearing various types of jewelry has become more popular. Some may think that the best way to find a wide variety and good deals for men’s jewelry is to go online. Those in the know, however, venture into the LA Diamond District.

Men's Options in the LA Diamond District

The LA Diamond District is more than just thousands of loose stones and engagement ring settings. If you are looking for a stunning piece of jewelry for the important man in your life, you will have more than enough options in the dozens of stores packed into three city blocks of downtown LA. The density of stores in this one sparkling region of the city means that they are in constant competition to offer better variety and steeper discounts to entice shoppers.

Despite its name, the LA Diamond District offers far more than the coveted gems. In Downtown Los Angeles jewelry stores, you will find options sure to fit the tastes of any many in your life. To get the most out of your shopping adventure through the district you should first do a little bit of research. Knowing the tastes of the recipient will help ensure that the item you choose will be prized.

What To Buy Your Man

Though you may immediately think of gold, silver, or even platinum as the metals of choice for jewelry, another precious metal has burst onto the jewelry scene and become extremely popular among men. Tungsten is a very hard and durable metal that makes a bold statement. It can have a shiny silver appearance, or be brushed. Some Tungsten is even black, which is used both as an accent and the primary metal in a piece. Tungsten wedding bands are gaining in popularity as compared to gold, which is softer, less durable and more expensive. The appearance of Tungsten is considered by many to be highly masculine and non-traditional.

You can find a variety of Tungsten pieces in Downtown Los Angeles jewelry stores. When selecting a Tungsten ring, however, be careful to know the exact size that the man will need. Unlike those made of other metals, Tungsten rings cannot be re-sized.

LA Diamonds for Men

If you are venturing into the LA Diamond District for a piece of men’s jewelry featuring diamonds, you are still very much in luck. The district does not just cater to engagement rings or women’s fashions. Rather, the experts in the stores will be happy to help you select a diamond that is perfect for that special man in your life. Whether it is a gem-studded wedding band, and anniversary ring, or just a beautiful piece for a man with an appreciation for the finer things in life, you will have plenty of choices and the advice to ensure you will choose just the right one. One part of this decision is the type of diamond.

While white diamonds are a perennial favorite among jewelry-lovers, men tend to lean toward colored stones. Diamonds come in a spectrum of colors including rich blues, reds, and even black (which are not actually black, but other colors with a high level of dark inclusions). These colors make stunning men’s jewelry and can be fit into everything from rings to pendants.

More Information

Want to learn more about Downtown Los Angeles jewelry stores? Looking for the perfect gift for your man? Stop by and check out an LA jewelry district favorite, family owned and operated Icing On The Ring. Call us for more information at 888-565-6150!

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