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7 Last Minute Jewelry Gift Ideas

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RingThe holidays are here and if you haven't finished your shopping don't worry. You'll find gifts for everyone on your list in the LA jewelry district. There are gifts in every price range that are certain to please your family and friends. The LA jewelry district is located in downtown Los Angeles and is a small area packed with jewelry shops. There are
also eateries and cafes so you can enjoy some quality shopping time in the city. Here are the top choices for some of the best gift choices for the holidays.

  1. Earrings. Earrings are the perfect gift choice because they are so easy to give and the recipient will love them. Dazzle them with diamond earrings – either stud or
    dangle. Wrap them up or place them inside an ornament and hang them on the tree for a fun gift idea.
  2. Necklaces. When shopping in the LA jewelry district you'll find a wide array of necklace styles. A small charm necklace is perfect for a tween or teen, a pearl necklace is a forever gift, and a diamond pendant is perfect for your wife.
  3. Rings. There are many ring choices in the LA jewelry district including styles for both men and women. Diamonds are popular; however, there are other choices to pick from including all types of gem stones.
  4. Birthstones. People like to receive a personal gift. One of the best ways to personalize a jewelry gift is by choosing a birthstone option. Look for necklaces, earrings, and rings, all with the birthstone of your choice.
  5. Watches. Everyone needs a nice watch and you’ll find a lot to pick from in the LA jewelry district. Large dials are the trend right now. Choose from steel bracelet
    styles that are available in many different designs.
  6. Stackable rings. These make great gifts because you can give one or several. These small, thin rings are made for wearing alone or with a few others. You can purchase any style, or color, or even those with a small stone, and they will all look great together.
  7. Diamonds. Diamonds are sparkly and make a wonderful holiday gift. Look for diamond pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets. Keep in mind the 4 C’s of diamond-buying including cut, color, clarity, and carat.

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