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Buying Loose Diamonds in the LA Jewelry District

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Loose or already-set LA diamonds: that is the question. Actually, if you’re visiting the LA Jewelry District shopping for an LA diamond for the first time, you’ll probably have far more questions than that, but let’s start with this basic one. Many men might think it’s far easier to go into a store and buy a diamond ring that’s already set. No hassle. No worries. You can see what the diamond looks like in the setting, and nearly all the work is already done. But it might be a good idea to consider buying a loose diamond separate from the setting. For one thing, you’ll have more power over what the cost of the ring will be, as well as the diamond quality, setting appearance and materials. In other words, buying a loose LA diamond can have many pros that you might not have considered when you first set out to buy that perfect ring.

Should You Buy Loose LA Diamonds Online?

There are several sites that urge people to buy their loose LA diamonds online, but that sort of purchase—thousands of dollars in many cases—can be risky. Would you buy a used car online without a test drive, based only on pictures of the vehicle that may or may not represent what the car really looks like? Probably not. Much has to do with the reputation of the online site. While some articles online actually suggest buying a diamond on eBay is a good idea, we’ll be a bit more conservative. Some online sites are legitimate and will sell you exactly what they say they will. But others will not. Before getting excited about a “cheap” loose diamond that you see online, we suggest you learn about that online site’s reputation before pulling out your credit card. If you want to be sure, buy your LA diamond from a reputable dealer.

Can You Save Money In The LA Jewelry District By Buying Loose Diamonds?

The whole point of buying a loose diamond and then heading to the LA jewelry district is to save money. Indeed, most experts agree that you can save significant money if you buy your diamond first, then shop around for settings. But the same characteristics you’d look for in a diamond ring, you’ll also want to look for in a loose diamond. When you buy a loose diamond, you might even be able to buy a better quality diamond than if you purchased the diamond already in the setting. First, make certain it’s a certified diamond, preferably from a major gemology lab like the Gemology Institute of America (GIA). It’s also a good idea to learn diamond terminology and have a good understanding of the four C’s—cut, color, clarity, and carat—before shopping for a setting in the LA jewelry district.

The Shape Of The Diamond: What Will The LA Diamond Ring Look Like?

It’s important when shopping for an LA diamond that you keep in mind that the cut of the diamond—in this case we mean the shape—will greatly determine the kind of setting your ring will ultimately have. While you might like a pear-shaped diamond, you might not like the way that diamond looks in its setting. When you buy a loose diamond, you will have far more say into what the final product looks like, which is why so many people opt to buy loose diamonds and then go into the Los Angeles Jewelry District and meet with a jeweler to figure out which settings will best show off your diamond’s beauty. When you meet with your jeweler, they can help you to design your ring, and also give you options you might not have considered that will make your diamond ring shine. Your jeweler will be more than happy to make suggestions regarding your diamond so that you’ll both by happy with how your LA diamond ultimately looks.

More Information

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