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Choosing Diamond Stud Earrings

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Choosing Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are a necessary part of every woman’s jewelry chest. The diamond stud is an elegant yet simple style of earring that has a timeless appeal. The diamond stud earring has been around for many years, yet it still holds a special place in the heart of most women. Of course, today, men also wear stud earrings, making them a universal appeal. There are many things to look for when choosing diamond earrings in the LA jewelry district.

As with any type of diamond purchase, you’ll want to be aware of the 4 C’s of diamond buying that include the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. One thing to keep in mind when choosing diamond earrings is the match between the two earrings. Both earrings should be as close as possible to the same size, cut, clarity, and color so they appear to be identical. No two diamonds are ever completely alike; however, it is essential to choose a pair of diamond earrings from the LA jewelry district that appear to be the same.

What to Look for In Diamond Stud Earrings

The first thing to consider when choosing diamond stud earrings is the size. These earrings are available in a large variety of sizes, with the most common ranging from ½ carat to 2 carats total weight. The weight of diamond studs is measured in total weight, meaning the weight of both diamonds combined. You’ll find many different options when shopping for earrings in the LA jewelry district. With diamond studs, the setting is the most important feature. Some settings will help to accentuate the size of the diamonds. Round diamonds should have a beautiful cut that helps to pull in light to make the gems sparkle. The setting will help to show off the sparkle appeal of the diamond when it’s being worn on the ear.

Looking at Diamond Weight

Diamonds are weighed in carats. The size of the diamond is determined by carat weight. A pair of diamond stud earrings is weighed together, so you’ll see the carats described as total carat weight. When choosing a pair of diamond earrings from the LA jewelry district you’ll want to consider the size. Think about your budget before you begin shopping. If you’re under strict money constraints it may be best to put most of your money into the diamonds themselves and choose a simple setting. A more complex setting is beautiful and will add to the beauty of the diamond studs, but will also add to the price. When buying diamonds it is a good idea to spend as much as you can on the diamonds themselves, as this is the most important part of the jewelry. A setting may be made from yellow gold, white gold, or platinum, as the most common types of metals.

Buying Diamond Stud Earrings

Today, there are many options to pick from when shopping for diamond earrings. In addition to the traditional single diamond you may also choose a diamond cluster. These types of earrings offer the look of a diamond stud earring that is actually made up of a group of smaller diamonds. The LA jewelry district has a large number of choices when it comes to shopping for diamond earrings. Diamonds are a specialty among these jewelry stores, especially Icing On The Ring. Icing On The Ring has been located in the LA jewelry district for more than 42 years, providing high-quality diamond jewelry. They offer many choices when it comes to diamond stud earrings as well as other top-quality jewelry.

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