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Guide to the LA Jewelry District

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Guide to the LA Jewelry District

Many people don’t know about the LA jewelry district. A section of the downtown Los Angeles area is home to a large number of jewelry stores. The section of the city has been dubbed the Los Angeles Jewelry District. It’s a place where shoppers can go to find any type of jewelry item they’re looking for. The area is also a wonderful place to eat and shop and enjoy a nearby park. The LA jewelry district is home to a large number of jewelry stores – as many as 3,000 shops in the area. To many, this is one of the most important areas to buy jewelry in the country. What makes the LA jewelry district so special is that you can visit many different jewelry stores all within walking distance of each other. You’ll be sure to get the best variety as well as the most competitive pricing by shopping here.

What to See and Do around the LA Jewelry District

The LA jewelry district is a small city unto itself. The area offers many different things to see and do within walking distance – something not so common in Los Angeles. Shoppers will be happy to know that there are many small restaurants and cafes situated right here. You’ll be able to have lunch or grab a refreshing beverage. You’ll also find other shops in the area, including bookstores and specialty boutiques. You’ll find a small park called Pershing Square that is a nice spot in the city where you can sit and relax. There is a rich history in the area, with buildings that have been part of the district since the early 1900s. Visitors will enjoy a beautiful shopping experience and are sure to find what they are looking for. Many of the stores have been in business in the area for many years, offering customers a reliable shopping experience.

Getting to the LA Jewelry District

Getting to the LA jewelry district is easy. There is plenty of parking available (for payment) and the area is fully accessible by public transportation. You can take the Metro red or purple lines and get off at the Pershing Square stop. The area is a small, historic district located between 5th and 8th streets and includes Hill Street, Olive Street, and Broadway Street. It encompasses about a six-block area. It is small enough to enjoy on foot and offers other shops and eateries that make the visit enjoyable.

The district has built up over time to become known for its jewelry shopping. The first jewelry stores were located here in the beginning of the 1900s with more and more jewelry stores joining the location from the 1960s on. The result is an eclectic mix of wonderful jewelry shops that offer a wide variety of jewelry options. The district is now known as the best place in Los Angeles to buy diamonds.

Buying Diamonds in the LA Jewelry District

The LA jewelry district is an exciting place to purchase a diamond, whether it is for a diamond engagement ring, a pendant, or any other type of jewelry. When shopping in the area it is a good idea to arrive with a budget in mind, as well as a list of what you’re looking for. A gemologist is a professional who is able to assist you in finding a diamond that meets your needs and your budget. Consider the most important aspects when shopping for a diamond in the LA jewelry district, including the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of the stones. Choose a local jewelry store with a reputation for providing high-quality diamond jewelry. Icing On The Ring is a local jewelry store that has been in business in the LA jewelry district for more than 42 years.

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