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How to Care for Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

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Your engagement ring is a beautiful symbol of your love and commitment, one that like your love, you won’t want to dull. So how do you keep that ring sparkly year after year? Here’s what our experts want you to know about maintaining your ring and making it last a lifetime.

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Don't be afraid to take it off

Often people are unsure of how much pressure their rings may handle. In the case of engagement rings, we recommend erring on the side of safety. No matter how simple or elaborate the design, the ring should be taken off- and placed somewhere safe- before doing any type of strenuous activities with your hands. This could include playing sports, gardening, working out, or even washing dishes. Gentler tasks such as folding laundry won’t do any harm.

Definitely, remove those rings while showering or swimming in the ocean or pool. Not because they are likely to be damaged, but because they could easily slip off. No one wants to experience the devastation of a ring lost down a drain or to the waves. We’ve seen plenty of cases (mostly men, for some reason) where newlyweds lose their wedding bands during their honeymoon. 

Pay attention to the shape of the ring

The moment the shape begins to deform, (and sometimes this is a gradual process which happens over time due to continuous pressure against the ring), the position of the prongs that are holding the diamonds begin to move, causing diamonds to loosen.

If you notice a change in the shape of your ring's foundation or in the prongs, bring it in immediately.

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Clean it

This may seem obvious, but it is easy to forget that rings require special attention when it comes to their upkeep. Your ring is going to get dirty, but it’s super simple to get rid of the gunk, as needed, at home by soaking it for 15-20mins in warm water and dish soap, and cleaning it gently with a toothbrush before rinsing. This will help prevent a more intensive cleaning at the jeweler.

Understand your warranty and buy isurance

When you purchase your ring, be sure to know exactly what your warranty covers. All our products are warrantied against imperfections in design & craftsmanship. We certify that your center and side gems are securely mounted in the setting; should any gemstone fall out from its mounting due to workmanship defects, it will be replaced free of charge.

Since your ring is an important investment, you’ll want to have it insured, should anything happen to it that’s not covered by warranty.

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Do regular ring inspections

The recommended amount is once to twice a year, so our jewelers can catch and prevent any issues. We clean rings complimentary during an inspection as well, so it’s great to get a free professional cleaning from time to time. 

Here’s what happens during a basic IOTR ring inspection:

  • We ensure there aren’t any broken prongs. If we notice any, we’ll recommend repairing them right away, to prevent diamonds from falling out.
  • Sometimes even though the prongs are still intact, diamonds still may be loose, due to the ring accidentally being hit here and there. We make it a point to tighten loose diamonds when we find them.
  • We look at the amount of metal on those prongs to make sure it hasn’t diminished too much. If we notice wear in the metal, our jeweler will either recommend a new ring made, or advise the customer to stop wearing their ring as often.

  • We’ll check for the perfect circle; if a ring is lopsided or deformed, that is a sign it is being worn when it shouldn’t be.

 When you purchase a ring from us, our experts will give you professional advice on how to keep that ring in great condition. Come in for a consultation.





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