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How to Repurpose a Diamond

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Diamond on BlueDiamonds are beautiful and make a sparkling addition to any wardrobe. Many people have diamonds that are in settings they no longer like. Maybe you inherited your grandmother’s diamond brooch or you have an old diamond engagement ring that you no longer wear. Whether you have a piece of jewelry you no longer like, or simply want to improve the look of your diamond, you can reuse your diamond in a new interesting way. You can choose a new setting for your diamond in the LA jewelry district.

Have the Diamond Evaluated

The first step is to find out exactly what your diamond’s size and value is. If your diamond has never been certified you may want to have this done. Certification is done by a professional who evaluates your diamond on a variety of features. The exact size of the stone is also measured. This is usually best accomplished by removing the stone from the original setting. Before you have this done, make sure that you want it removed because it may not be able to be put back into place again.

Consider Your Options

You’ll find many different choices available to you in the LA jewelry district when you want to reuse your diamond. If the diamond is valuable or has sentimental value, you will likely want to keep it. However, you may be able to upgrade the diamond to one that is substantially larger or of better quality. You will often be allowed a trade-in allowance to choose a new diamond of your preference. Once you know the value of the diamond, and understand the grading of it, you’ll be able to make a wise decision.

Same Diamond, New Setting

If you prefer to keep your diamond, you may want to have it placed into a new setting. For example, a round diamond could be placed into an updated setting surrounded by diamonds that will give it a more contemporary look. If you no longer want a ring, you may want to have the diamond repurposed into a necklace or pendant. If you are providing an older style engagement ring to a younger woman, think about having it placed into a new setting.

Ask Your Jeweler

The best way to make a decision about what to do with your old diamond is to seek advice from an experienced jeweler in the LA jewelry district. The jeweler is an expert in diamonds and will be able to offer you options that are ideal for your specific size and grade of diamond. If you’re unsure of what you want to do, have your diamond appraised so you can decide what to do at a later date.

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