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LA Diamond Studs Are A Girl’s—and Guy’s—Best Friend

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LA Diamonds will never go out of style. Having a diamond stud in your ear is a sign of both your style and prestige. And the beauty of a diamond stud versus a diamond engagement ring is that you don’t have to be quite so careful about getting the highest quality diamond; it’s a case of bigger is better. Unlike an engagement ring, which will be examined up close and personal by whomever want to take a look, a diamond stud merely has to look good. Only you have to know that perhaps it’s not the rarest stone out there. When buying diamond studs, you do have to pay attention to the four C’s because they are still going to determine the beauty and the price of your diamonds. The following are some tips and trends if you’re adding LA diamond stud earrings to your jewelry collection.

Los Angeles Jewelry District Diamond Buying Tips

Chances are you already have your favorite jeweler in the Los Angeles Jewelry District—and hopefully that store features diamonds because if you’re going to make that kind of investment it’s best to go to a diamond expert. The beauty of diamond studs is that you can wear them with anything from jeans to a gown. It’s one of the few pieces of jewelry that go with every color and every style. Before buying diamond studs, you should review the four Cs because they are going to determine the price you pay for your studs. All diamonds, no matter how large or small, are rated in four categories—color, carat, clarity, and cut. Other than cut, the diamond’s characteristics are ranked by rarity. A pure white diamond, for example, is more rare than a yellow diamond and therefore more expensive. Understanding the four Cs is a good idea before going to the Los Angeles Jewelry District.

Should You Look For A Diamond Expert in the LA Jewelry District?

Many jewelry stores in the LA jewelry district will have at least a few diamonds on display. We believe if you are going to invest in diamonds, however, you should go to a jeweler who specializes in the type of jewelry you plan to buy. So for those gorgeous diamonds studs, it’s probably best to head to a jeweler who specializes in diamonds. When buying diamond studs, you’ll have many different styles and cuts to choose from. But the most important thing when buying any “big ticket” item is to set a budget. This allows the jeweler to show you everything they have on hand, from loose diamonds to diamonds already in a setting so you can see for yourself what your budget will buy. You may opt for a smaller, whiter pair of diamonds or a larger pair that may have some small flaws or a lesser clarity rating. Jewelers in the LA jewelry district are there to help you get the most for your dollar.

What Characteristics Should You Look for in Your LA Diamond Studs?

Unlike an engagement ring, you can be a bit more flexible regarding the four Cs with diamond studs. Most people concentrate on cut (that’s what gives a diamond its sparkle) and carat. The bigger the stone and better the cut, the more brilliant and bigger that diamond will look on your ear. People will likely be viewing them from a distance, so you can get away with a less-than-white color and chances are no one will ever notice. Color is rated G through Z and while few people would care for an engagement ring with a J color rating, that is perfectly acceptable with a stud. Clarity is even less an issue. What you want is a big, sparkling diamond in your ear and you can afford big and sparkling if you’re willing to sacrifice a bit with color. Chances are, no one will notice anything in your ear but a big, brilliant LA diamond.

More Information

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