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Letting Her Choose the Ring: Smart Move or Major Fail?

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Bling overload.It’s a question that potential grooms struggle with everyday: To let her or not to let her pick out her own ring. On one hand, it seems like a good idea to let her choose a ring she loves. On the other hand, it seems like it takes some of the surprise out of the process. So, what is a guy to do? The answer to that question is not so simple.

Whether or not you ask her to pick out her own engagement ring depends on a number of things. We can make some great points on either side of the argument. Read on for help in deciding which option to choose.


There are, without a doubt, some pros to asking her to pick out her own engagement ring.

1. Style

You think that you know your girl, but what if you don’t? When you let her pick out her own engagement ring, you are sure that she will get one that she loves. Your taste in jewelry leaves something to be desired, and the thought of picking out a ring she will wear for the next 50 years is just too stressful.

2. Cut

Like style, the cut of an engagement ring can be a very personal decision. While you may think a solitaire Tacori is perfect, she may have an emerald cut in mind. When you let her choose, you know that she is going to get the ring of her dreams.


As with any choice, there are also cons to the decision. Here are a couple of reasons why asking her to pick out her own ring may land you in hot water.

1. Tradition

If your girl is the type that loves tradition and romance, asking her to pick out her own engagement ring may actually offend her. She won’t be able to believe that you had the gall to wimp out in such a big way. If this sounds even remotely like what could happen to you, pick out the ring yourself.

2. Cost

When you let your girl pick out her own ring, she’ll know exactly what it costs. While this could work in your favor, it could also force you to give her a spending limit. The prospect of verbalizing a price tag may make you uncomfortable, especially if your budget is on the thin side.

What are your thoughts? Asking your betrothed to pick out her own ring is not unheard of. If you have already talked about getting engaged and the proposal is something of a formality, go ahead and let her pick out the ring.

If, on the other hand, you want to proposal to be a surprise, you might want to consider having a ring in your pocket. If you are going to go the traditional route, don’t ruin it by showing up without a ring. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make and should be based on you, your girl and your relationship. Just make sure that you give it a sufficient amount of thought!

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