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The Tacori Fashion Collection

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Tourmaline / DiamondTacori, a highly regarded jewelry maker, is typically known for excellent quality diamond engagement rings that are exquisitely beautiful. Tacori also has a collection of fashion jewelry for the discriminating buyer in the LA jewelry district. Tacori has a wonderful collection called Tacori Island Rains. The collection includes rings, pendants, and earrings, using amazing blue colored stones. Blue gems are paired with silver settings to create a beautiful contrast. The blue stone against the silver setting highlights the color, making a gorgeous and stunning piece of jewelry.

Tacori Fashion Rings

Tacori Island Rains fashion rings come in a wide choice of designs. Blue stones come in a choice of colors from bright sparkling blue to light blue, to aqua blue. Some rings are made using topaz while others are quartz paired with turquoise. The rings are each designed to remind you of the islands, a place with crystal blue waters, warm sunny blue skies, and magical fun. When shopping in the LA jewelry district, look for Tacori fashion rings exclusively at Icing On The Ring.

Tacori Pendants

Tacori pendants are lovely. They come in both solitaire and cluster styles. Solitaire pendants have large single blue stones floating on pretty silver chains. Whether soft light blue or dark blue or turquoise, pendants make a lovely addition to almost any outfit. If you like the color blue, you'll love the Tacori Island Rains fashion collection. In the LA jewelry district, you’ll find a large selection of Tacori jewelry including the Island Rains fashion collection at Icing On The Ring. The collection is filled with a collection of nature-inspired pieces that evoke thoughts of the islands.

Tacori Earrings

Tacori Island Rain earrings are available in several styles. Stud earrings are very versatile and can be worn with any outfit whether casual or dressy. Some brides enjoy the beauty of wearing Tacori Island Rains earrings for their wedding – their blue color fulfills the “something blue” that is traditionally worn by brides. Tacori stud earrings come in two different choices. True studs are earrings that have a post that allows the earring to
lay flat against the lobe. Soft dangle studs are simple round earrings on a loop so they hang down slightly from the ear, allowing light to enter through the stone. Both designs are breathtaking.

When shopping in the LA jewelry district, be sure to stop by Icing On The Ring. They are the exclusive Tacori sellers in the area. Visit Icing On The Ring or call 888-565-6150 for an appointment today.Schedule an Appointment at Icing on the Ring

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