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Tired of Your Jewelry? Change It Up

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jewels+cynthia wolff rings+vintage ring+nichole miller rhinestone earringsWhy don’t you wear that necklace I bought you? There’s a loaded question that no recipient of a piece of jewelry ever wants to hear! It can be difficult to tell someone that the jewelry they bought you either doesn’t match anything in your closet or, worse, isn’t your cup of tea.

Whether you have old pieces of jewelry tucked away that you’ve fallen out of love with or pieces that you never fell in love with, they don’t have to languish away never to see the light of day. You have several options when it comes to turning an unloved accessory into something you are excited to wear on any occasion.


People lose and gain weight, causing jewelry to fit improperly. Alternatively, you may have been gifted a ring that simply doesn’t fit. Having a ring resized is a fairly straightforward process that can be done by any skilled jeweler.

Take your ring to your favorite jeweler and have them make it larger or smaller. Many people don’t know that the same can be done for bracelets and necklaces. Aside from earrings, any jewelry you have can be made larger or smaller so that it fits you correctly.


Upgrading your jewelry is simply the act of taking what you have and turning it into something else. Any jewelry can be recreated into something that you are proud to wear! Women are most often heard of doing this with old engagement rings. The diamond comes out, gets put into a pendant or another ring, and is worn again.

You don’t have to go through a bad engagement to upgrade your jewelry! If you don’t like a necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings, take it down to your jeweler. A professional can sit down with you and provide options. You may want to remove the gem and put it in another setting or turn the jewelry into something completely new.


The restoration of jewelry is common with vintage pieces, antiques or damaged jewelry. Whether you have broken prongs, dull metal, or missing gems, your jeweler can repair your jewelry as necessary. In some cases, your jewelry may be damaged beyond repair. When this is the case, you can choose to have as much of it salvaged as possible and create a beautiful new piece with the remnants.


Did someone buy you a piece of gold jewelry not knowing that silver is your signature color? Your yellow gold jewelry can be plated with rhodium and given the look of white gold or platinum. This is a great option if you love everything about the piece but the color of the metal.

Don’t let your jewelry sit lonely in a box, feeling unloved. Don’t put yourself in the position of having to delicately tip toe around someone’s feelings when you don’t like the gift they’ve given you. Your jewelry can be transformed by an expert craftsman in multiple ways!

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