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Wedding Bands: Trends in the LA Jewelry District

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For years, if you wanted a wedding band from a jewelry store in downtown Los Angeles, your options were pretty limited. You could get plain band in gold, white gold or platinum. And if you wanted to get a bit fancy, some bands did come with a bit of a border just to spice things up a bit. Today’s couples, however, almost have as many options for their bands as they do for their engagement rings. We like this trend, because, after all, the wedding bands should be as important—or more important—than any other piece of jewelry you put on your hand. It’s the symbol that you are committed to your spouse forever, a sign of your promises made on your wedding day. Having the right wedding band in a style that you love makes the wedding ring you purchase in a jewelry store in downtown Los Angeles even more special.

What Are the Latest Trends For Wedding Bands For Rings In Los Angeles

Whether you want something chunky, classic, bold, trendy or luxurious, you’ll be able to find the perfect rings in Los Angeles. Remember, you don’t have to have matching bands—although many couples do opt for matching bands. Some of the factors to consider: matching with your engagement ring, matching with your spouse, material, styles, cost. Your options are so many that picking out wedding bands can be confusing. One of the biggest trends right now is purchasing bands with diamonds embedded in them. You can either have diamonds go all around it so it looks as if you have a band of diamonds, or only a small section of your wedding band with diamonds. There are distinctive trends for men and women—and they’re not necessarily the same. Choosing rings in Los Angeles really comes down to what you prefer and what style you believe will stand the test of time.

Men’s Wedding Bands: Trends In the Los Angeles Jewelry District

What are the biggest trends for men’s wedding bands in the Los Angeles Jewelry District? One of the most important factors when choosing a ring is your lifestyle. Do you have a desk job or are you out on a construction site? If you work with your hands, you might not want a band with diamonds or with the kind of detailing that will trap dirt. You should also consider titanium or tungsten carbide rather than platinum or gold, which are less durable. One of the biggest complaints men have about wearing a ring is that it’s uncomfortable. Part of this is because they probably aren’t used to wearing a ring. But part is the design. Men should look for rings that are ergonomically designed so that they fit the finger better and are therefore more comfortable. Diamonds are a huge trend for men’s bands—especially men who are more style-conscious. No matter what your style, chances are you’ll find it in the Los Angeles Jewelry District.

LA Jewelry District And Women’s Wedding Bands: Trends

For women shopping the LA jewelry district, the story is a bit different. They not only have to purchase a band based on their lifestyle, but also how the ring will look sitting next to their engagement ring. While women’s wedding bands can also have diamonds, some women would rather let their engagement ring stand out and opt for a more subtle design for their band, such as braiding. Other women love to lay on the bling; the more sparkle the better. In fact, having diamonds on your wedding band is a growing trend that more and more women are opting for. The best way to pick out a band is to try it on next to your engagement ring to make certain the two rings look good together. The choices are plenty, and whether you want to add on the bling or keep it more simple, the LA jewelry district will have it on hand.

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