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What is the Best Type of Wedding Band For Active Men?

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One of the biggest decisions couples make when shopping in jewelry stores in downtown Los Angeles is their wedding bands. And couples have to decide not only what they look like, but also what materials the bands will be made of. Years ago, couples had their wedding bands made from yellow gold. But there was a problem with that—especially for men. Men tend to be a bit rougher on their jewelry than women. They hunt, fish, build things, work out, play sports, rock climb, etc. And while women engage in these sports activities, too, they do tend to be more aware of the damage they can do to their jewelry and are either more careful or remove their rings. And gold, after time, gets scratched and looks dull. If it’s too thin, it can easily bend making your ring misshapen. So what is the best alternative material for wedding bands that you can buy in jewelry stores in downtown Los Angeles?

Tungsten Carbide May Be The Best Choice For Men’s Wedding Rings in Los Angeles

Many men want something that looks good and is durable when buying rings in Los Angeles. For a long time that meant digging deep into your wallet and buying titanium. While titanium is quite durable and keeps its luster for years, there is actually a more cost-effective and durable choice—tungsten carbine. Many people have never heard of this metal, and, because it’s not considered a precious metal, many might automatically discard it when considering types of wedding rings. But that could be a mistake, because there are many reasons why having a wedding band made from tungsten carbide is the best choice—particularly for men who are rough on their rings. With a tungsten carbide wedding band, you no longer have to take it off to keep it safe so you are no longer in danger of losing your ring. This durability is one of the top reasons you should consider wedding rings in Los Angeles made from this material.

Advantages Of Tungsten Carbide Rings Found In The Los Angeles Jewelry District

If you’re considering buying a wedding band in the Los Angeles Jewelry District, you should really give tungsten carbide a close look. Tungsten, when combined with carbide, is about four times stronger than titanium—which is significantly stronger than gold. And even though titanium is strong, it does scratch quite easily. As the years pass, your ring becomes more and more scratched until it doesn’t at all appear like the ring you originally purchased. If you want to keep your titanium ring beautiful, chances are you’re going to have to have it professionally polished periodically. Tungsten carbide rings, however, keep their luster amazingly well. With gold, even activities such as golfing can bend your ring—and then you’re stuck with an ill-fitting ring until you have it bent back. Tungsten carbide cannot be bent. That means you won’t have to travel back to the Los Angeles Jewelry District each year to have your ring re-fitted.

Can You Have LA Diamonds In Your Tungsten Carbide Ring?

Many times men want to have a wedding band that matches their wife’s wedding band—which happens to be embedded with LA diamonds. There are just as many styles of tungsten carbide rings as rings made from other materials. Best of all, tungsten carbide, in addition to being more durable, costs about the same as titanium. One factor to consider is that tungsten carbide is heavier than platinum, so you should try both on before making a decision. While some men like the feel of a heavier ring, others would rather opt for a lighter ring. Because tungsten carbide is gaining in popularity, the best stores in the jewelry district will have a wide selection to choose from. So whether you like a plain band, a band that matches your wife’s wedding band or something covered with LA diamonds, chances are you’ll find something that suits your style.

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