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What is the LA Jewelry District?

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The LA jewelry district is home to more than 3,000 wholesale and retail jewelry stores in downtown Los Angeles. These jewelry stores have occupied the ground level of several historical buildings in the district. Since the 1920s, the area has grown to include jewelry stores in downtown Los Angeles as far north as 5th street and down to 8th street and as far west as Olive Street over to Broadway. This busy hub of jewelry stores in downtown Los Angeles has been attracting people from all around the world who want to see the unparalleled selection of wholesale and designer jewelry LA has to offer. This is why, every year, the popularity of the LA jewelry district grows.

Jewelry Stores in Downtown Los Angeles Are Home to Specialists

Many of the sellers from the jewelry stores in downtown Los Angeles have a certain specialty; these specialties can range from wedding bands to watches or gemstones. Not only will you encounter more jewelry in the LA jewelry district than you will anywhere else, but you will also find friendly people who are trained experts with a history of excellent customer service. The jewelry stores in downtown Los Angeles occupy the vast majority, if not all, of the ground level store fronts of empty buildings between 5th and 8th streets and Olive and Broadway.

The LA Jewelry District is Historical

There are at least eight buildings currently listed in the LA jewelry district. The oldest is the Western jewelry Mart which was listed in 1913 and the most recent addition is the Chase Plaza in 1986. Most of the other buildings were added between 1922 and 1930. Therefore, the jewelry stores in downtown Los Angeles are not only hubs for the world’s best jewelry specialists, but they are also historical landmarks.

History and Modern Culture Come Together in the LA Jewelry District

The history and culture are rich in the LA jewelry district neighborhood. In addition to the sparkling diamonds and other gemstones on display, the architecture and antiquity of the jewelry stores in downtown LA is also eye catching. Pershing Square is the central park in downtown LA and a historical landmark located within the limits of the jewelry district on the corner of 5th and Olive Streets. This is the only park within the LA jewelry district and it offers a nice break from the busy and noisy hub of jewelry stores in downtown LA.

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