What's a Clarity Enhanced Diamond and Should You Get One?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are diamonds that start out with visible imperfections and, with a bit of cosmetic enhancements, are transformed into more brilliant versions of their former selves.

After their transformation, clarity enhanced diamonds give near perfect diamonds a run for their money, especially since they cost significantly less than non-treated diamonds. A clarity enhanced diamond can be anywhere from 30% to 50% cheaper than a non-enhanced diamond with the same characteristics (namely, clarity).

How to Get the Biggest Diamond at a Surprisingly Affordable Price

When it comes to diamond engagement rings, bigger is usually better.

So, how do you afford the diamond engagement ring of her dreams when it's out of your budget? Here are five ways to get the biggest diamond at a surprisingly affordable price.

4 Ways to Know You're Getting a Good Diamond

When you are buying a special piece of jewelry and you have selected a diamond, knowing the quality and the authentication can put your mind at ease.

You want to be sure that you have the quality and clarity that you paid for, even if your diamond is GIA Certified.

There are 5 ways that a diamond retailer can use gemological instruments to view differences in diamonds.

Here's some tips for you if you want to examine a diamond you already own or to be prepared when purchasing a diamond and figure out if there are any major indicators of a fake stone.

The Icing On The Ring Trade-Up-Program?

When you purchase a diamond your hope is that its value stays with you forever.

Whether you have an anniversary and are looking for a larger engagement ring stone, a birthday and want new earrings, or you have a promise ring you want to turn into an engagement ring, diamond trade-in programs are a great option to go with.

Tacori's 6 Best Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess cut diamonds have maintained popularity throughout the decades.

Tacori is one of the biggest names in handcrafted princess cut engagement rings and offers an array of settings, sizes, and styles.

Looking for the unique piece that fits your priceless gem just right?

Here are 6 eye-catching engagement rings that will have you and your fiance saying “I do” to this timeless and exquisite cut.

From big, bold, and beautiful, to light, delicate, and dainty there is the perfect Tacori for everyone. Remembering your own, or your fiance’s style is important when choosing the right Tacori since there is no diamond cut exactly like another.

5 Ways to Afford Her Engagement Ring

Image Credit: ilovebutter

You’ve made the decision to pop the big question to the woman of your dreams and you want to make sure you get her the ring of her dreams.

You feel confident spending the rest of your lives together, but perhaps are unsure of how to go about making such a large purchase.

Not all of us have twenty grand to spend on a ring, so knowing when and how to save, where to shop for the best deals, and what financing options you have will help you in the process of affording the ring she deserves.

Follow these 5 ways to afford her engagement ring to help eliminate the stress and financial burden before your big day.

What to Expect from Your Visit to the Los Angeles Jewelry District

If you're in the market for the perfect engagement ring for your sweetheart, then what better place to shop than the nation's largest jewelry district, the Los Angeles Jewelry District?

With roughly 5,000 jewelry stores, the LA Jewelry District offers an unbeatable selection of engagement rings to suit even the most particular taste and budget.

However, before you make the trek into the vastness that is the LA Jewelry District, it's wise to familiarize yourself with what to expect when you're there so that your trip is a successful one, and not an overwhelming, dead-end trip filled with frustration.

Here's what you need to know.

Don't Make This Mistake: Ask About Your Ring's Warranty

Shopping for an engagement ring should be a fun and exciting time, whether you do it as a couple or you are on your own looking for the best surprise she has ever gotten.

After looking around a store and getting some help from a salesperson, a big mistake that many people make is not asking about the ring’s warranty.

Yup, they got warranties.

If you are getting a fantastic deal, great; if you are setting up a payment plan, great. Either way you are making an investment that needs to last you a lifetime.

At Icing On The Ring we make it is as easy and clear for you to understand the warranties and coverage for your ring.

Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure you understand for the warranty you are getting:

The One She Always Wanted: How to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

Picking out an engagement ring for your future wife doesn't have to be a dreadful, painstaking experience.

If you know what you're getting yourself into before you go shopping, then this experience will be just as exciting as when you get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.

Here is a short and sweet guide to help you pick out the perfect engagement ring for your future wife.

10 Stunning Tacori Engagement Rings for Every Type of #TacoriGirl

A woman's engagement ring should be as unique and exquisite as she is, and if there's one jewelry brand that gets that, it's Tacori.

Every piece of Tacori jewelry is like wearing a tiny work of art that has been master-crafted by expert designers and artisans.

It's for this reason that Tacori has become one of the most popular jewelry brands in the world, especially when it comes to superb diamond engagement rings.

Just take a look at these ten drop-dead gorgeous Tacori engagement rings that fit every girl's taste -- then you'll understand why every girl wants to be a #TacoriGirl.

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