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How Do You Know He's Going to Propose? Here Are 5 Clues:

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How Do You Know He's Going to Propose

You and your beau have endured a relationship of ups and downs, but you both know that you're in it 'till the end.

Gone are the days you both questioned if the other was "the one," and now it's only a matter of time before he's down on bended-knee asking for your hand in marriage.

The only problem is: you have no clue when he's going to pop the question and it's killing you. So, how do you know he's going to propose? Here are a five ways to tell if your man is gearing up to ask you one of the most anticipated questions of your entire life, "Will you marry me?"

5. He's been extremely frugal lately

As you get older, it's wise to be money-conscious and watch your spending. However, if your guy is being a cheapskate out of nowhere, then it could be for all the right reasons. Your beau could be saving all his pennies to afford the ring of your dreams, so do your man (and yourself) a favor by letting him be a bit more frugal than usual -- plus, it wouldn’t hurt to cut back on unnecessary spending and start saving for your fairytale wedding.

4. He knows way too much about jewelry lately

The man you know couldn’t care less about bling bling, but as of late, he's become suspiciously well-versed in "jewelry talk" and you can't help but think he's up to something. Don't blow his cover by prying about whether he's ring shopping or not, because that will only frustrate him and take away from the surprise he has in store for you. Instead, quietly rejoice in the thought of what he has up his sleeve and start dropping subtle hints about your dream engagement ring.

3. He asks your opinion about jewelry, particularly rings

Is your man asking out-of-the-blue questions about jewelry, particularly diamond rings? Did your friends recently get engaged and his first question was, "So, do you like her ring?" If your boyfriend is more attentive to your jewelry do's and don'ts, then he could be trying to sneak information out of you without your knowing so he can get you the engagement ring of your dreams. Play along and act like you don't know what he's really doing, because it's only a matter of time before you'll be posting pictures of your gorgeous engagement ring!

2. He's more romantic than usual

Does it seem like your guy has been more lovey-dovey lately and more in-tune with your wants and needs? If he's willingly ditching the boys to spend more time with you, then he's got "Husband Material" written all over him… and he likes it. All that engagement ring research/shopping reminds him of how much he loves you and can't wait to make you his wife.

1. He's talking about future plans together

Has your man's vocabulary switched from "me" to "we" lately when discussing the future? He's got his eye on the prize and is just waiting for the perfect time to make it official (aka pop the question).

Before you go and blurt out that you know what your boyfriend's up to, remember that this is probably an extremely nerve-wracking time for him.

Not only does he have the incredibly daunting task of picking out the perfect engagement ring for you, but he also has to keep it a secret and plan out an epic proposal.

Be patient and let your guy do his thing, because all good things come to those who wait. Or you can talk to him to see if he would be interested in trying on different ring styles so he can rest assure that he's going to get you the rign you will fall in love with.

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