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5 Clever Ways to Drop an Engagement Ring Hint

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Getting engaged is, undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated and memorable moments in your life, so there's no surprise that you're going to want your proposal to be picture-perfect -- especially when it comes to your engagement ring.

But, how do you guarantee that your beau will pick out a ring that will sweep you off your feet 'till death do you part?

Here are five clever ways to show your Prince Charming the engagement ring of your dreams.

1. Share Your Wishlist

If you still want to preserve the element of surprise for your engagement ring, then compile a wishlist of rings that you love, and leave it up to him to decide (if you know he'll stick to the plan). This way, both of you have a say in your engagement ring and both of you are satisfied in the end.


2. Surf the Web (Next to Him)

Casually drop some subtle engagement ring hints the next time you're surfing the web together, because seeing is believing… or teaching. Show him which rings you like and don't like so that he starts to get a better idea of what style engagement ring you prefer -- because men aren't mind readers, ladies, no matter how much you wish they were.

Even if he hasn't the slightest clue as to what the 4Cs represent, or the difference between a halo setting and pave setting, at least he can go to a trusty jeweler and indicate that you liked the "big square diamond with smaller diamonds all around the band," and they can help him with the rest.

3. Be Specific About the Specifics

If you're coveting a diamond engagement ring of a certain size, or maybe a particular designer engagement ring, then you're going to want to be as specific as possible when giving your beau the details.

For instance, if your dream ring is a Tacori Dantela Bloom Emerald-Cut engagement ring and you don't emphasize the specifics to your boyfriend, then you're going to be terribly disappointed when he's down on bended knee asking for your hand in marriage with any other ring.

Be specific and crystal clear about your preferred ring style, as well as the diamond size and shape. This will give your boyfriend a good starting point for when he heads out to shop for the perfect diamond engagement ring for you. Be sure to consider diamond alternatives and Yehuda Enhanced Natural Diamonds if you're looking for a large diamond ring that is affordable and stunning.

4. Phone a Friend

Who better for your boyfriend to turn to for advice on your dream engagement ring than your BFFs? Your closest friends are invaluable when it comes to sneaking hints to your man about what you want and don't want in an engagement ring.

Maybe he assumes that you want a giant 2.0-carat round-cut diamond engagement ring, but what you really want is a Tacori Island Rains Blue Topaz Pave Budding Brilliance Ring. Your besties will be the voice of reason when it comes to selecting the ring of your dreams, without your knowing.

Another option is to take your friends ring shopping, sans your man. Your friends will be delighted to try on rings with you and help you select a few engagement ring options from which your boyfriend can choose. Pops some bottles and make a day out of it -- it'll be like an early start to all the engagement celebrations to come!

5. Two Heads are Better Than One

If you want to be doubly sure to leave absolutely no room for error when it comes to selecting your engagement ring, then it's wise to go shopping with your boyfriend and select the ring together.

This option is great for your boyfriend because it makes his job extremely simple (except for when he has to swipe his card and pay for the ring), but also keep in mind that picking out the ring together means that there won't be much of a surprise with the ring when he proposes. However, if being 100 percent certain that you're getting the engagement ring of your dreams outweighs the element of surprise, then, by all means, pick and choose, woman!

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