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Wedding Band Trends for Women in 2017

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In 2017, wedding bands are getting some serious attention. Brides are looking for more than just an accompaniment to an engagement ring, they are looking for the piece that sets their engagement off and brings it to life.  Here are a few of the wedding band trends we can anticipate in the upcoming year.

Pavé Setting

When tiny stones are placed close together, the sparkle factor goes up. Pave set diamonds have this sparkle effect that many women prefer for their wedding bands to enhance the gems on their engagement ring. Pave set diamonds can cover the entire surface of the band or a specific area and are popular for brides and grooms alike.

            LB124___31465.1484072391.450.800.jpg  LB228_2__67298.1470101616.450.800.jpg 

Rose Gold

As trends go, rose gold has been a bridal favorite for a few years running. It’s a beautiful alternative to yellow gold, which may be too traditional for the modern bride, and a more affordable option than platinum. Rose gold can be worn alone or mixed with other metals for a two-tone look. The soft color of rose gold looks warm against the skin and depending on the design can have a vintage feel, many brides want.


Vintage Vibe

Vintage-inspired wedding bands are statement pieces for modern brides. These bands typically incorporate elements from classic ring styles like scrolls and engraving or raised edges to give a contemporary ring a retro look.



Mismatched Stackables

Stackables are thin bands that can be worn on top of one another. Rather than choosing just one wedding band to wear with an engagement ring, some brides opt for several stackable bands that can be mixed and matched either alone or with their engagement ring. What is special about stackables is that they don’t all have to be the same. In fact, stacked rings look great with different metals and different patterns. They can be bought together or added to a collection to commemorate anniversaries or births or other significant occasions.

  WeddingBands_01_SM.jpg     stacked_1.jpg            

Spacing Between Bands

Traditional wedding bands were designed to match the engagement ring and to be worn together without any space between the two rings. Today’s rings offer a little more leniency in the space department. Some women really like the look of space between the rings because it allows each ring to shine in its own right. People also appreciate this style because the shape of some engagement rings only allow for a certain fitted-shape wedding band that doesn’t have the same striking appeal as this more eclectic look.

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